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This Wiki is a place for sharing ideas and resources focused around UAE culture and heritage plus a few other things particularly useful to teaching here in the UAE. At the moment it is primarily focused around grades 10-12 but go ahead and add material for younger grades as well!

Feel free to use anything you find here - it is all shared willingly by other teachers and licensed under a creative commons licence (CC BY NC). You can download, modify, and use in whichever way best suits your classes.

But PLEASE.....do also share with us some ideas and resources of your own. It's easy to upload new files. Click here for step by step instructions on what to do. Then karma will be good to you forever :)
Alternatively, you can email your resources to cultureuae2013@gmail.com and have them uploaded for you. Easy!

USEFUL: Evidence of being an active member of this community can also be used in support of several different parts of the Performance Management Review.

Is there something you particularly need? A resource?....a lesson?....someone to bounce ideas around with? Add a discussion post below outlining what you need and we'll help you get it!

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